Graphite Heat Exchangers

Graphite Heat Exchanger

In order to cater the extensive demands we are offering our patrons a wide range of Graphite Heat Exchanger that are manufactured by employing advanced techniques. For that matter, our offered heat exchangers are very high on demands.

There are several thermal design features that are to be taken into account when selecting coolers or heat exchangers like:

  • Horizontal designs
  • Vertical designs
  • Capable of handling heating utility medium as steam, heat transfer oil or other mediums
  • Capable of handling cooling medium as water or even brine


  • Cubical block type, simple robust and easy to install tough construction
  • Consists of entry chamber, multiple process blocks and exit chamber all made of impervious graphite
  • Simple design and easy dismantling as compared to circular blocks
  • Resistance to Thermal Shock
  • Multiple passes can be provided on service as well as process sides
  • Simple robust and easy to install tough construction
  • Flexibility of adding more blocks to increase heat transfer area
  • For connection nozzles, metal plate apply compressive load on graphite, as graphite has high compressive strength thus prevents connection nipples from easy breakages.
  • Short channel lengths increases turbulence as a result avoids frequent deposits or fouling as compared to shell & tube type heat exchanges of same dimensions, cubical block type heat exchanger provides 2 to 5 times more heat transfer
  • Can be provided vertically in case of falling film absorbers and horizontal when reflux system are to be provided in condensers
  • Working condition full vacuum to 5kg / cm2 pressure
  • For client's benefit, we also offer erection and commissioning services
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